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How nonprofit organizations use social media to change the world.

November 26, 2017

As my term comes to an end, my required blog posts do as well. In light of my final blog post, I want to summarize some of the key concepts I have found in my studies this term.

Sensitive Situations:

There will always be sensitive situations in the media. The question is...

November 25, 2017

In this infographic, posted by, the upcoming social media trends are revealed through statistics and predictions. Below, I will list a few to consider for increasing your nonprofit social media following.

1. Video

The infographic states that by 2020, video will...

November 22, 2017

With the divide of this country, it is hard to know what is safe to talk about in a professional setting. In an article posted by the Nonprofit Quarterly called "Yes, You Can—and Should! Nonprofit Advocacy as a Core Competency," the issue of over politicizing your comp...

November 21, 2017

As the holidays are coming up, so is seasonal guilt. Many people acknowledge the fact that being able to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas is a privilege. This time of year it is common for people to feel inclined to give a little extra to those in need, this is why...

November 13, 2017

Today, while sitting at a restaurant for lunch I saw a commercial about the military. The commercial featured several African-American NFL players talking about how much they respect the military. While I have nothing wrong with that message, I felt like it fell a litt...

November 13, 2017

It can be very hard to decide how to spend your time and money when you have thousands of advertisments on your screen every day. I have noticed in my community that people are constantly telling others to help nonprofit organizations but never really telling them how....

November 5, 2017

One of my favorite movies is American Beauty. If you haven't seen it, it stars Kevin Spacey and follows his lustful obsession over his daughters young, beautiful, blonde friend. A movie reminiscent of Donnie Darko, follows Spacey as he rediscovers what it means to love...

November 5, 2017

Nonprofits have an interesting dilemma when it comes to developing and maintaining a brand. Although the main goal of nonprofit PR is to spread awareness and encourage donations, there are still many aspects to consider. Do you have to be trendy to appeal to millennial...

October 30, 2017

It can be hard to distinguish what form of social media marketing is relevant for nonprofits. I follow a smorgasbord of organizations, so I notice a lot of different marketing tactics. I was especially observant of nonprofit tactics after reading an article on Forbes,...

October 29, 2017

I realize that I have drifted away from the nonprofit side of social media in my last few posts, so today I want to dive back in. We are going to talk about a nonprofit who needs our help right now, and how they are using social media to connect with potential donors.


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As a "millennial" (a word I've grown to despise), I've seen the social media revolution expand. I'm a part of the generation who made a MySpace page when we were in the 5th grade, and quickly watched it go out of style. I've grown sick of using social media just because it's trending. I'm interested in understanding the way that nonprofit organizations use social media.

How can we make it trendy to make the world a better place?

As a senior at the University of Oregon, I am studying these communication tactics. On this page I will fill you in on what I find.

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