Media Relations

Wildwood Towers

Established in 2018, Wildwood Towers is a Eugene-based startup that created handcrafted drink towers with locally sources wood. The brand's mission is to encourage social connections and enhance the local brewery experience.  As a startup, Wildwood Towers faces challenges with brand awareness and would benefit from the use of key messages designed specifically to reach their most important audiences.

Media Message Point: Created by University of Oregon Alumni Keenan Hoar, Wildwood Towers offers a new way to engage the community with a product that incorporates local materials. Eugene is unique for its inclusive nature and commitment to sustainability, and you can be the first to report on the ways that Wildwood Towers enhances the city’s core values.

Goal: Increase Brand Awareness

Tactic: Send a media pitch highlighting “Oregon Alum Brings A New Experience to Beer Drinkers” to Eugene Magazine’s Ducktales section and other local publications, and reporters who focus on the University of Oregon and the local beer community.


reporters reached / enthusiastic responses / media spots 

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