I was hired to do freelance graphic design for the Oregon Academy of General Dentistry. The company was looking to create a logo as branding for their new program. They had a rough draft of this logo, and brought me on to bring their vision to life. 

Media Center for

Science and Technology

In a strategic planning class, we created a PR plan for the University of Oregon's Media Center for Science and Technology in a team of 4. One main goal was to increase awareness of the new program. To accomplish this goal, we created a social media calendar designed to guide strategic social media posts. Below are mock ups we created for the MCST's Instagram page. These also reflect potential partnerships we identified in our plan. 

* for classroom use only, not used by Planned Parenthood.

In this class assignment designed to challenge our graphic design skills, I created an infographic. I picked Planned Parenthood as my client because of the issues they face with the current political climate. The goal was to create a visually appealing piece that represented a PR tactic for our organization. Throughout the process we learned about visual representation of data, the importance of balance and the power of the right font. 

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