Radio Spot

Eugene City Hospital


CPR/First Aid Awareness Day

ANNOUNCER: Morgan Freeman

CHARACTER 1: Emergency Room Employee, male, friendly but intelligent tone.

MUSIC: Instrumental/Upbeat


FREEMAN: The people of Lane County, Oregon believe in their community’s safety. And they’re smart; they know that it’s impossible to predict when an emergency may occur.

Car Crash Sound.

FREEMAN: Wouldn’t you want to be prepared?

Relieved dialogue, like… “Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re okay.”

MUSIC: 5 seconds, fades into background.

FREEMAN: In order to ensure that your loved ones are safe, Eugene City Hospital will join a nationwide campaign to train and certify one million people in the United States in CPR and first aid.

FREEMAN: On Saturday, May 20 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., visit Alton Baker Park for a gratifying experience. There you will see people working together to meet a common goal to learn how to keep the people they love safe and sound– no matter what. Plus Eugene City Hospital will provide refreshments to all who participate and childcare for those with young ones. Oh, and I almost forgot the best part, it’s free. If that didn’t convince you, take it from a member of the Eugene City Hospital staff.

ER EMPLOYEE: “It’s the responsible thing to do; Everyone should know how to react in an emergency situation. Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to wait for the professionals to arrive. I cannot emphasize it enough, if someone had been there to provide CPR or First Aid before the ambulance arrived, hundreds of lives could have been saved.”


FREEMAN: Pre-registration for this event is required. Sign up online at or over the phone at (541) 485-1234

FREEMAN: Now, go help someone.


Press Release

City of Eugene Public Works Department

Eugene Embarks on a New Improvement Project to Facilitate Traffic Flow Downtown

The City of Eugene Public Works Department announced construction will begin Monday, April 10 to increase the safety and quality of two main streets in Eugene, Oregon.

EUGENE, Oregon – April 9, 2017 – The City of Eugene Public Works Department today announced a new street improvement project on sixth and seventh avenue from High Street to Garfield street that will focus on the reconstruction of the deteriorated roadbeds in the area. They will also be adding a sixth lane of traffic to address the anticipated increases in traffic flow. At least two lanes of traffic will remain open at all times during construction.


The project costs $10.2 million, and will be financed by the federal and state highway funds, as approved by voters. The construction is scheduled to begin Monday, April 10, 2017.  Preliminary plans and statements of impact are available at the City of Eugene Public Works Department, City Hall, 858 Pearl Street, third floor.

“Sixth and seventh Avenues are key east-west arterials in Eugene’s transportation system and part of the state highway system,” stated project manager Mack Trucks “The current roadbeds are badly deteriorated and in need of reconstruction.”


Although the project will remove 26 historical trees in the area the plan will preserve 26 historic trees and plant 600 new trees along the streets. A historic tree, defined by the city charter, is 50-years old or older. The newly planted trees, averaging at eight trees per block, will be between 15 and 35 feet tall.


In addition to the new trees, the reconstruction project will update the sidewalks along either side of the streets, install new traffics signals, street lights and signs, and install new curbs and gutters as well as increase the quality and safety of the current roadbeds. No businesses or residences in the area will be required to relocate throughout the duration of the project.

Commercial Script

 Video                                 Audio

Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion and Todo: Played by the actors who play them in the production.

Dorothy’s mom: Liza Minnelli – Enthusiastic

Announcer: Stern, manly voice.


The tin man sits in a busy office cubicle, attempting to type on a computer. The room is quiet, with only the sounds of office work.


The camera shifts focus to outside the window, where Toto the dog is tied to a pole looking solemn.




The scene changes to outside the office, where Toto is tied up. Next to him is the Lion, trying to sell hotdogs. Lion jumps out of fear as a bus drives by.

People walk by without acknowledging the lion. In the background sits the scarecrow on a park bench, begging for money.


Camera zooms to the scarecrow looking solemn.

Camera zooms out, from the Scarecrow, to the Lion, to Toto, and back to the Tin Man.

The background freezes, and Dorothy walks into the frame.

Happy music plays in the background.

Dorothy taps her slippers together and closes her eyes.

Screen goes black… 3 seconds.

The scene changes to the characters in an exciting scene of the play, all of the characters have big smiles on their faces. 5 seconds.

Background freezes again, Dorothy faces the camera.

Screen shows the flyer for the play, as well as the dates and times of the plays.

Dorothy’s mom (Liza Minelli) nods and smiles.

Screen fades to black, upbeat music plays in the background.










Tin man, typing and then deleting: “Darn it… Oops… No, that’s not right…”

Toto whimpers.

Lion, scared: “Hot dogs! Aaagh!... Get your hot dogs here!”

Scarecrow: “Please, anything helps….”

Dorothy: “This isn’t where they belong. Just look at them….

Dorothy, upbeat: “Now that’s better. Don’t you want to help these characters reach their true potential? If the answer is yes, then come to the University of Oregon Theatre departments showing of The Wizard of Oz. And, hey, bring your significant other, your friend or… even your mom! Tickets are buy one get one free, so what’s there to lose?

Announcer: “Tickets can be purchased by phone, in-person at Robinson Theatre, or online. All profits go to the University of Oregon Theatre Department.”

Screen shows Dorothy eating popcorn in the audience, with her mom.

Dorothy: Go get your tickets now! You wont regret it… right mom?

Press Release

City of Eugene Public Works Department


Eugene Embarks on the River Road/Santa Clara Sewer Project


EUGENE, Oregon – April 12, 2017 – The city of Eugene formally notified six contractors to proceed on the River Road/Santa Clara grant project on Monday, April 24. The project involves the placement of sewers and service lines to adjacent properties. However, local traffic will receive access to their properties and businesses. Delays will occur in these areas, so Mack Trucks recommends one use an alternate route, if available.


The team of contractors, which includes Emery and Sons, Eugene Sand and Gravel and Marion Hyland, will begin construction in multiple areas around town on April 24, and will begin their second leg of construction on May 22. “Construction hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Completion of the project is scheduled for Friday, June 23,” stated project manager Mack Trucks. “The contractor has been informed that every effort must be afforded to assure public safety and limited impact to the area.”


The district gave notice to the directly affected schools, LTD, Police, Fire, utilities and property owners in the area. The roadways where construction is occurring will close to through traffic.


The intersections that will begin construction on May 22 are as follows: Lake Drive and Horn Lane (proceeding east on Horn lane), between Prairie Road and Highway 99 North (running west towards 99 North), the southwest corner of Arrowhead and Irvington Drive, and north of the intersection of Skipper and Labona Drive.


The contractor is aware of his responsibility to properly secure the area, on par with the states safety standards, and a full time inspector has been provided to ensure the safety of the project and those affected by it.

Feature Article

Social Activism­– A Lifestyle

    “I know that rape culture is out there because I am a victim of it,” stated Madison Moskowitz, the president of the College Democrats at the University of Oregon, “I didn’t know that I could say no. I didn’t know that sexual autonomy was a right. Too many rape survivors don’t know that either,” This quote was derived from a video, which Moskowitz posted on her Facebook page on May 6. David Lickey, a teacher at Grant High School, sent a letter to his students after he expressed his opinion in a conversation in a fellow faculty member’s classroom. The focused on the term “rape culture,” a term which Lickey deemed dubious.

    One point Lickey made in his letter stated, “Rape culture is a theoretical construct that is ill-defined. What exactly is rape culture? I don’t see it in my life or the lives of any of the men and women I have known.” This is one of the many comments that stood out to Moskowitz. So, she took it upon herself to make a 14 minute and 22 second long video addressing the problematic nature of this letter. This is not the first time Moskowitz has stood up for something she believes in. In fact, she does it almost every day.


    Many millenials have embarked upon the path of social activism. Young people are strapping on their walking shoes and joining protests all over the country. Movement has grown exponentially in the United States ever since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president. Millenials are consistently expressing their disdain for the political climate.

    In Eugene, Oregon you can find Madison Moskowitz with a picket sign in hand, wearing a pink shirt that reads “I stand with Planned Parenthood,” and marching for what she believes in.

    “When I was little, like 10, my dad made me go testify in front of an Oregon department of fish and wildlife commission.” Moskowitz stated, “It was a totally impactful experience to know my voice could be powerful enough to change people’s minds. I guess I just wanted to follow that.” Ever since, Moskowitz has been fighting for what she believes in. For example, when she in high school and protesters appeared outside. They carried anti-abortion signs that showed images of fetuses that are far more developed than any legal abortion would allow. Moskowitz wasted no time disputing their misleading comments.

    Moskowitz says that her goal is to educate. She said, “For example, I want to educate people on sexual violence. I think there is a lack of empathy and attempts at reasonable understanding through conversation. I would like to spark more of those insightful conversations, especially on a college campus.”

    Needless to say, you will see Moskowitz on the frontlines of every important political movement on campus. However, don’t wait too long to see her in action, because in the fall of 2018 Moskowitz is moving to Washington D.C to intern for Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. Moskowitz is accomplishing big things in the world of social activism, and many millennials could benefit from following in her footsteps. She is a living example that you should fight for what you believe in.

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