Video Script


Henry: Jack Russell Terrier – high pitched tone

Lucy: Pit bull Terrier – deeper, raspy tone

Kurt: Mutt – nasally tone

Video                               Audio

Scene opens with an establishing shot of a classic house, white picket fix, and henry the dog sitting in the front yard. Camera shows the feet of the owner only, wearing fancy shoes.


Camera zooms in on Henry’s face. Text appears on the screen, “Not this again…”


Scene changes to a messy apartment. The owner’s feet, wearing dirty sneakers, are show running around the house. Lucy is sitting, moving her head in the direction of her owner as she moves around.



Text appears on the screen, “It’s okay, I was planning on eating your shoes tonight anyways…”


Scene changes to a park, Scott sitting in the shade under a bench. His owner’s feet are shown, wearing no shoes.

Text appears on the screen, “Let’s cuddle!”


Scene changes to the white picket fence, Henry is digging a hole under the fence. He breaks out and runs down the street. Henry stops at a tall building.


Text appears on the screen, “Lucy, lets go! Come on! Get your lazy tail out here!”


Lucy appears in the window, owner’s shoe in mouth. A few seconds pass and the doorman opens the front door and Lucy comes running out.

Henry and Lucy run through the streets until they end up at the park. The two dogs lay down in the shade next to Kurt.



Text appears on the screen, “I missed you guys…”


Camera zooms out, showing the happy dogs sleeping by the third owner’s feet. Text appears on the screen, big and bold. “All dogs are created equal”

Zooms in on Kurt,

Screen reads “Donate to Pro-Bone-O, so we can all receive equal care.”

Owner one, male: Henry! Don’t even think about coming into the house with those dirty paws. I just got the floors refinished.



Henry: grunts.



Owner two, female: Sorry Lucy girl, I don’t have time to walk you before work. I will be back!





Lucy: whimpers.



Owner 3, male: Are you tired, boy? Let’s find some more shade and take a nap.


Oscar: Barks happily.






Henry: Barks loudly at window.











Lucy: Barks, softly.






Kurt barks enthusiastically.

Personality Profile

Personality Profile

Olive Corya-Pace

Public Relations Professional


Cadence – A Well Traveled Pooch

Name: Cadence

Age (in dog years): 45

Breed: Jack Russell terrier and Pit Bull mix.

Occupation: World Traveler

Cadence lives with her father David, and spends most of her days in traveling the United States in the back of his van. David is from Lane County, and often returns here to see his friends, and get veterinary care from Pro-Bone-O when he needs it. Although David is not what most people would consider “homeless” he still qualifies for free care for Cadence, and it has helped him keep Cadence happy and healthy for many years.

“I’m a pretty independent guy. I have ways of making my own money when I need it, and I rarely ask for help,” stated David, “But sometimes you have to swallow your pride and get help, especially when it involves another life.”

Due to Pro-Bone-O’s veterinary care, Cadence has been able to pursue her dreams; to play fetch in every part of the United States. Although she hasn’t reached that goal quite yet, she has been to over 20 different states, and David always brings her to a park first thing.

Cadence is living out her dreams thanks to the help of Pro-Bone-O and the undying love and affection she receives from her owner, David. For more stories like these, or to help support dogs like Cadence, visit

Pitch Letter

Pitch letter

Dear Spot Magazine,

I am hoping to spread the word about a non-profit here in Eugene. The organization is called Pro-Bone-O, and they provide veterinary care for the pets of people who are homeless. 

Pro-Bone-O is in the midst of fundraising for the coming winter. We are hoping to get the word out to the Eugene community, so I was wondering if you would be interested in helping us out. I hear you have a Labrador named Dug, he would be a perfect spokesman for our event!

I know you have a large following in the pet lovers community, so your help would be very beneficial to us, and all of the animals we are working with.

For more information about our organization, you can look at our website:

Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions, and if you have any suggestions of other publications that may be willing to help out.


Olive Corya-Pace 

Public Relations Professional

Press Release

Olive Corya-Pace

Public Relations Professional

Pro-Bone-O Nonprofit Organization




The Nonprofit “Pro-Bone-O” Increases Fundraising Efforts in Lieu of Dropping Temperatures


EUGENE, Oregon– October 1, 2017– The non-profit Pro-Bone-O is increasing their fundraising efforts in response to the upcoming drop in temperatures this winter. Pro-Bone-O helps provide veterinary care to the companion animals of the homeless community in Lane County.


Considering the record low temperatures during the winter of 2017, Pro-Bone-O hopes to double their fundraising for the winter of 2018. When the temperatures drop, it is increasingly hard for the homeless community to stay warm, safe and fed. For some members, they have an extra mouth to feed. Companion pets help many members of the homeless community feel stable, and ease their minds.


There are many ways one can help Pro-Bone-O reach this goal. One can donate to the organization, purchase items off of the organizations amazon wish list, or volunteer at the fundraising events. All of the information can be found on


Pro-Bone-O provides pet examinations, vaccinations, flea/tick/mosquito preventives, treatment for minor illnesses, diseases and wounds, spay/neuter vouchers to local clinics, distribution of food, treats, collars, leashes, pet beds and other supplies, and a friendly, safe environment for the homeless community and their beloved pets.


For more information on how you can do your part, visit

Print Ad

Olive Corya-Pace

Public Relations Professional

Pro-Bone-O Nonprofit Organization
Print Ad



            The main idea is a photo of 5 or 6 dogs sitting together in downtown Eugene. The dogs should at least, in part, be dogs that have been worked on by the Pro-Bone-O clinic.  The dogs all look happy and healthy, and the location should be recognizable to the Lane county community.



            Homeless Dogs of Lane County: Happy and Healthy


            Make sure it stays that way.


            Pro-Bone-O is a nonprofit organization that provides veterinary care for the companion animals of the homeless community of Lane County. With the winter coming, it is incredibly important to provide maximum care to the homeless dogs of Lane County. Visit our website for more information about how you can help.


SIGNATURE: Pro-Bone-O Logo

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