The Age of Social Media

October 8, 2017

In my time as a public relations student I have had the opportunity to do social media marketing for local nonprofit organizations. It is somewhat surreal to me to study something like social media. The idea that by knowing how to use an app, I am able to lend a hand to a nonprofit just seems too easy. I am realizing that it's more complicated than that. 


As a girl who grew up in the age of social media, I think I have a grasp on it's power. It doesn't only effect the way my generation socializes, it drastically alters the way that we receive information.


What really inspired me to write about this is a skit from a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, which I will link to below. The skit is called "Thank You, Scott" and it sarcastically thanks Louis C.K's character for posting articles on Facebook about world issues. The video is an accurate representation of today's trend of social media activism, and I would give it a watch if you haven't already. As someone who hopes to work in Nonprofit PR, I am intrigued by this issue. With today's quick information lifestyle, people are losing the motivation to actually get out of their seats and do something. Sharing an article or posting a tweet satisfies their need to make a change.


In the field of donor relations, this is a problem. As much as sharing support is appreciated, it does not actually help organizations fix that issue. The click and share trend only encourages others to click and share the same stuff. Yes, if something goes viral it spreads awareness, but I want to understand what we can do to spread motivation. Being aware of a problem does not fix it.


I want to delve deeper into the idea. So, in this space I am going to analyze what nonprofits are doing to encourage donation and action.  I hope to figure out tactics to inspire people to get out of their seats and act, instead of click around on the internet. 


"Thank you, Scott."

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