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October 29, 2017

I realize that I have drifted away from the nonprofit side of social media in my last few posts, so today I want to dive back in. We are going to talk about a nonprofit who needs our help right now, and how they are using social media to connect with potential donors.


The nonprofit I am going to talk about is Planned Parenthood because this is an organization that's very close to my heart. Planned Parenthood, who works to provide affordable healthcare for everyone, is in a vulnerable place right now because of our political climate. In a nutshell, people are fighting to cut funding from Planned Parenthood because of various beliefs that go against a fundamental part of Planned Parenthood's services, abortions and birth control. 


So yes, Planned Parenthood needs our help to continue providing services, even if their funding gets cut. To donate, click here


Now, I want to talk about ways that Planned Parenthood has encouraged donations. One marketing tactic that is huge right now is using social media influencers to support a product or brand. This article from Forbes outlines how and why influencer marketing is expanding. 


This video is a great example of how planned parenthood is vouched for by influencers. Sophia Bush doesn't even mention planned parenthood by name in this video, but by addressing the social issues that Planned Parenthood works to fight against, Bush is indirectly inspiring people to donate. This is a great tactic because it allows people to feel like they sought out planned parenthood, instead of being asked for donations directly.


A great way to get this kind of marketing is to continually connect your nonprofit to social issues, so that the cause seems relevant and inspires donations. Even if you do not have the same kind of political involvement that Planned Parenthood does, speaking out about how your nonprofit works to help solve problems will inspire people to speak on your behalf.



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