November 5, 2017



Nonprofits have an interesting dilemma when it comes to developing and maintaining a brand. Although the main goal of nonprofit PR is to spread awareness and encourage donations, there are still many aspects to consider. Do you have to be trendy to appeal to millennials? Do you have to be trusted and well known to appeal to an older demographic? It really depends on who your target audience is, but there are two factors that are always beneficial to a nonprofit's brand.



A big part of your brand should be your purpose. As a nonprofit, it is easy to feel like your purpose is obvious to everyone. However, if your purpose is not clear on all of your media outlets, it can be a problem. A way to ensure that the consumers know your purpose, is to update them on your progress. For example, when a new fundraiser is starting, create content that shows how much money has been raised and what that money can do in regards to your purpose. In Edelman Digital's article, How Purpose Can Attract Millennials they outline other way that purpose is appealing to the millennial demographic;



Authenticity is crucial when dealing with a successful brand. For a nonprofit, your audience needs to believe that you are passionate about what you're fighting for. If you are curious about what it really means to be authentic, click here. To maintain authenticity in your brand, you must be honest, transparent and progressive. It is important to be in constant contact with your donors, and be easy to contact when people have questions about what you do. 


If you embrace these concepts you are on your way to a successful brand. Next, you decide your audience and get to work.

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