How to Lend a Hand

November 13, 2017

It can be very hard to decide how to spend your time and money when you have thousands of advertisments on your screen every day. I have noticed in my community that people are constantly telling others to help nonprofit organizations but never really telling them how. Yes, there are a slew of advertisements that say, “Donate $10 and be entered to win a date with Justin Bieber.” But often, people are so distracted by the fast paced intake of media that they don’t think about how to help, or they think that donating money is the only way. Below, I will tell you four ways you can help without entering a credit card number.


1. Volunteer

Most nonprofit organizations need volunteers to run successful events. Volunteer work can help a nonprofit raise funds, and it can build the volunteers resume. As a PR student, I sought out nonprofit organizations who needed help raising awareness about their brand. I was able to gain hands on experience in event planning and donor outreach.


2. Spread Awareness

Although in general, I am against the idea that sharing an article excuses your need to actually act on social issues, sometimes it can be helpful. More than sharing an article, though, verbally spreading awareness about a brand does a lot of good. Tell you friends about the cause and inspire them to help in ways you may not be able to. If you have a following on social media, use that to talk about the brand. These are all ways to spread awareness that benefit the organization.


3. Donate alternate forms of currency

OK, I admit this one is a little weird. But, if you have any online currency, you can still use it to donate to organizations. In fact, this article talks about a local organization that donated 2 million bitcoins to a nonprofit in Eugene, Oregon. I know most people don’t have millions of bitcoin sitting around, but a lot of us have things like gift cards. An amazon gift card can buy supplies for hurricane relief, it can be used for nonprofit’s amazon wish-list, or it can be sold and you can donate the money to a nonprofit.


4. Donate supplies

Food drives, toys, clothes, tampons, dog food, regular house supplies… all of these things are helpful. Anything you can spare, even stuff you take for granted, is useful to people in need. It doesn’t take a lot to make a change.


Hey! When you’re done, share what you did on social media! That will inspire others and spread awareness about the organization.

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