November 22, 2017


With the divide of this country, it is hard to know what is safe to talk about in a professional setting. In an article posted by the Nonprofit Quarterly called "Yes, You Can—and Should! Nonprofit Advocacy as a Core Competency," the issue of over politicizing your company is answered.


The idea is that an organization may find themselves in hot water if they speak in public about every social issue. This concept is true, because if your organization is religion based and looking to end homelessness, sharing whether or not you are pro-life or pro-choice may negatively impact your reputation in certain donors eyes.


As stated by the nonprofit quarterly, "Fear of running afoul of your organization’s tax-exempt status, or losing the support of important donors by being seen as “too partisan or political,” may be preventing nonprofit organizations from speaking out or encouraging their members or clients to do so. While, yes, decisions to take action should be given careful consideration, fear alone is not a good enough reason to fail to act."


As a nonprofit, it is important to use your influence to enact social change. In order to do this successfully, you must consider whether or not the issue is relevant to your brand. Consider your audience, and how they will react.


It is likely that even if you upset a few donors, your authenticity for speaking about injustices will be greatly appreciated. 

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